2012 Training Log – Week 10

Took things pretty easy this week.  Great run on Wednesday, the rest were blah.  Time to start packing and get this show on the road.

7.4 miles
New Balance MT110

Easy jog at the Boneyard with tired legs.

7.4 miles
New Balance MT110

Ditto yesterday.

12.6 miles
New Balance MT110

Fantastic run in Waterton Canyon. My wife rode her bike alongside as I tempo’d up and back. Best run I’ve had in a while, we had a great time enjoying the evening in the canyon. My legs were still just slightly tired from the big weekend, but felt very strong. Ended up with 7:40 pace and 155 heart rate. Perfect effort level. Pretty relaxed going up (8:10), then bumped up the intensity a little coming back down (7:05).

6.5 miles
New Balance MT110

Another easy Boneyard jog.

8.8 miles
New Balance MT110

Easy jog.

7.1 miles
New Balance MT110

Windy! Ran from home up to Roxborough State Park. Legs are feeling pretty junky. Typical taper week stuff.



Total: 49.8 miles / 7:45 / 524 TSS

Pic of the week:

The dog is not as excited about the new camera as I am.

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