2011 Training Log–Week 12

What a great week.  I had a couple of days off work and made the most of them.  Got some yard/garage work done, took my girls camping (first night in a tent for the youngest), went on a nice ride with my son, a good run with my oldest daughter, and made a quick trip out to Moab to race an ultra for the first time since Leadville last August.

Running-wise, I had good runs Monday and Tuesday then just stayed busy doing other stuff knowing that I would get my fill and then some on Saturday.  Worked out great.

Run – 11.5 / 1:42 / 147avg
Unexpectedly good run.  Went with the VFFs at the boneyard.  Heel calmed down nicely after 1/2 mile and I never had to stop and shake out the calves.  Definitely starting to adapt.  This was probably my most comfortable VFF run yet.  Not quite as fast as a couple of weeks ago, but it just felt good.

Run – 7 / 1:03 / 136avg
Just an easy jog.

Bike 12 / 1:24 / 95avg
Took my son on his first singletrack MTB ride. Had a good time.

Run – 2 / :27 / 89avg
Took my daughter on her first trail run in her VFFs (that she bought with her own money she saved up). She did great!

Jogged for about a half mile at a rest stop somewhere in the Utah desert.

Run – 59.7 / 11:05 / 141avg
First place in the 12 hour division at the 24 Hours of Moab race.



Total Time – 15:40

Bike – 12.1 / 1:24
Run – 80.2 / 14:15



Pic of the week:

LJ on her first VFF trail run.

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