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2011 Training Log–Week 11

Good week of training.  My legs are eating this stuff up and feeling stronger all the time.  Tues, Wed, and Thurs were all good efforts in the 150 range for average heart rate.  The other days were all easy plus a nice long run on Saturday.  Good to see the CTL climbing up at a nice rate now.  If my heel would let me, I would be pushing for more.  For now, I’ll take what I can get.


Run – 7.2 / 1:20 / 127avg
Nice jog in the VFFs at the boneyard.

53 pushups

Bike – 27.4 / 1:31 / 144avg
Was looking to enjoy a casual ride on a warmer day, but it turned out to be cold and windy. I was under dressed and decided to put in a 20 mile effort to stay warm even though I didn’t feel up to riding all that hard. Decent try, just missing the 20mph average on the mountain bike without digging too deep. No drama on the ride this time.

20 / 1:00:40 / 154avg

Run – 11.1 / 1:38 / 154avg
Solid cruising effort at the boneyard. Similar to last Wednesday, ran the 2k laps holding HR in the low 150s. Had to stop once to let the calves settle down, then felt better after that.

60 pushups

Run – 12 / 1:44 / 152avg
Pre-dawn hilly neighborhood loops. Crazy weather, 57 degrees when I started @ 5:45, then dropped to 43 by the time I finished. Legs feeling worked, but got it done.

Run – 7 / 1:11 / 123avg
Nice recovery run.

20.6 / 3:13 / 139avg
Started before dawn and had a nice run.  The pain in my heel was a pain in my ass, but everything else felt super.  Really easy run, not really sore much at all after this one.

Run – 3 / :30 / 127avg
Easy recovery run on the treadmill.  Babying the heel.

66 pushups

Total Time – 11:09

Bike – 27.4 / 1:31
Run – 61 / 9:37

179 Pushups



Pic of the week:

Dog!  We adopted a 3 year old Corgi on Thursday.  She obviously hates all of the attention coming her way now…