2011 Training Log–Week 9

Solid week.  Still some issues with the heels, but everything is getting stronger.  Started doing some upper body work, with a pushup routine.  Got beat by my 14 year old daughter – that girl is strong!!


Run – 9.2 / 1:23 / 154avg
Boneyard. Jogged over then did a medium effort for 4 laps. Lap 1 was great, 2-3 sucked because my calves got super tight again causing my feet to go somewhat numb. Instead of stopping and letting them settle down, I kept going and focused on relaxing through it. Before long things eased up and I had a much better 4th lap.

53 pushups

Bike – 27.7 / 1:24 / 149avg
Good workout, not the greatest results. Beat last weeks time by a whole 13 seconds!!  Need to get the average up closer to 23mph.

20 / 54:54 (21.9mph)

Run – 6 / 1:04 /134avg
Was a little nervous about this one. 2 weeks to the day since I tore my calf muscle, and similar circumstances. A VFF jog the day after a hard bike ride. Worked out great, though. A bit tight in the calves, but no problem. Great day out. Took it super easy and concentrated on letting my heel drop to the ground a little more than normal. I think I have developed the habit of keeping up on my forefoot with my heel slightly raised, especially in the VFFs. I need to relax that area a bit more, but still stay smooth.

37 pushups

Run – 12 / 1:38 / 154avg
Really felt this one in the hamstrings! left over from bike? pushups? good sign since nothing ever gets worked besides my calves??

Day off.
41 Pushups.

Run – 31 / 4:48 / 147avg
Ahhh.  Needed this one.  Nice long run.  Ran home after the kids basketball game and a movie (Rango, meh).  Lots of hills in the first half, mostly flat after that.  Heels were a big issue, but everything else felt good.  Happy with the fitness at this point all things considered.  I can really feel the strength from the bike workouts coming through at the end of a run like this.

Run – 3 / :35 / 127avg
Treadmill. Jogged 2.5 then hiked .5 @15% incline.

Total Time – 10:55

Run – 61.1 / 9:31
Bike – 27.7 / 1:24

Pushups – 131


Pic of the Week 

This poor guy looks like he augered in from a considerable height.  It also sums up how I felt during the second half of Leadville last year.

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