2011 Training Log–Week 4

Goodbye, January.  Looks like I will end the month with about 200 running miles.  Far below some previous years (when I have always been training for a February 50k), but I’m happy with it.  My legs are getting used to running again, and that is a very good thing.

It is supposed to be bitter cold and snowy for the next few days, so I think I will take some time to back off the running and maybe work on some other things during that time.  My legs are feeling great, but I am feeling some pains in my both of my heels due to the long-standing achilles issues I’ve had.  They were both very fired up during the 20 miler on Friday even though I was taking it very easy.  Have to be careful here, or I’ll end up right back where I started from.  Also feeling some metatarsal pain from time to time and have to be careful with the foot bones.

Disappointed to have not lost a single ounce after four weeks of training.  That won’t do.  Time to make some dietary changes…  @177 today.

So, kind of like when I started this month, I’m fat and slightly injured.  But I have been building a good foundation, and when things are clicking I feel really good.  The biking I did all through the fall and have continued to do this month has made a big difference.  My legs feel strong.

01.24.2011 – 01.30.2011

Run – 5 / 1:01 (12:20) / 137avg
Boneyard easy jog in VFFs. Calves super tight again, had to stop halfway for 3-4 minutes and shake them out. Felt better after that.

Run – 10.2 / 1:22 (8:02) / 148avg
Another routine 10 miler. The body is slowly starting to remember. Dealing with a little bit of a heel flare-up, though.

Run – 8.7 / 1:15 (8:43) / 155avg
Really stoked with this one. It’s not like I set the world on fire or anything, but I’m slowly starting to get some legs back. Went into it a bit tired, but wanted to push a little given the easy day coming up tomorrow. I thought doing a solid 8 miles on this course (very winding and hilly singletrack + some XC) at a 50k effort level would be nice. I guessed that would be at a heart rate in the high 150s and if I was lucky my pace would be around 8:30.

1.95 miles per lap
16:12 (8:22) 159avg
17:04 (8:45) 159avg
16:35 (8:26) 157avg
15:55 (8:09) 163avg

To end up with 7.8 in 1:06 (8:28) 160avg. Ya, pretty slow, but on this terrain it was good for me. I pretty much nailed my prediction. I felt relaxed and in control. Now I just need to get back to where I can hold that effort for 50k, then 50M. It’s a start…

Run – 2 / :18 (9:29) / 140avg
Did a few barefoot laps around a soccer field for a cool down.

Bike – 20.7 / 1:17 (16mph) / 125avg
Easy spin on the mtb.

Run – 21.2 / 3:23 (9:35) / 138avg
Long run home from work in the dark. Very pleasant day, 68 in January! My legs felt good and strong. I would loved to have run for another hour or so, but both of my heels were complaining loudly. The achilles were super tight and giving off quite the burning sensation.

I really like this bit about long runs I found on the McMillan site. While it is geared towards marathon training, I like it because of the part about running for home. I tend to do that a lot, really pound the last few miles. This makes me think it is better to just keep the effort even and finish when you finish:

The purpose is simply time on your feet. Challenging your ability to keep running improves your endurance and is a cornerstone of distance training. While there are debates on just how long and fast your long run should be, the general recommendation is that you keep your heart rate around 70% of maximum. They are slow runs with the challenge of simply running a steady pace for the entire duration of the run. Keep the effort easy and resist the temptation to increase the pace just to get home sooner. Give the body time to really feel the stimulus of a long run. It will reward you with greater endurance adaptations that will serve you well in later workouts and races.

Run – 3 / :30 (10:00) / 122avg
Easy treadmill. Legs feel great after yesterday’s long run. Both heels are feeling it, though.

Bike – 20.7 / 1:09 (17.9) / 155avg
Rode the mtb back to work to pick up my car. The speed doesn’t really show it, but this was a harder effort with a lot of hills.  Felt good to stand up and hammer them.

Total time – 10:19

Run – 50.1 / 7:51
Bike – 41.4 / 2:27



Pic of the week:


Here we go again…

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  1. Yeah! Love seeing the Leadville registration. Solid training you have going in 2011.

    • Thanks, Woody! Ya, I couldn’t bear to just sit around and read about all you guys running Pb without getting in on the action myself. What’s next up for you??

      • Well, I’m going to give the Red Hot 50K a shot on the 19th. I ran a 100K last month and got beat up pretty good. I’m not feeling much like racing, but I’ve wanted to run in Moab for a few years now. Hopefully there won’t be much snow on the ground since it sounded like you dealt with some rough conditions last year.

      • Good luck at Moab. I’m really bummed to be missing that race this year, one of my favorite places to run. Here are some recent pictures I saw, course looks to be in great shape right now:

        I read your Bandera report, nice job getting a tough finish there.

      • Well now you’ve got me excited. Sweet pics! Hey, there’s a few of us (Patrick G, Jim P, Jaime Y, Todd G) that are heading to your neighborhood on Saturday morning at 7am. We’re meeting up at the Sharptail Ridge trailhead and looking to get in 15 or so miles heading to Carpenter Peak/Powerline and possibly other R-SP trails. Not sure if your heels are up for something like this, but just know we’d love to have you out there!

      • Oh, man! I would love to do that run, but have kids playing basketball @ 08:00. I was actually thinking of running Carpenter Saturday, but probably not until mid afternoon. Have a good one, hopefully the conditions will cooperate. Please keep me in mind for one of these in the future! chris.boyack@gmail.com

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