2011 Training Log–Week 3

Wow, three weeks in the bag already.  Time flies.  Another steady week – one slightly faster run on Tuesday and another good bike session Friday.  As always, wishing I was further along, but happy to have at least gotten the ball rolling.

01.17.2010 – 01.23.2010

Run – 3 / :30 (10:00) / 131avg
VFF jog around the hood.

Run – 10.1 / 1:16 (7:30) / 164avg
Good run. Pushed up the effort level on a very hilly course.

Run – 10.2 / 1:29 (8:47) / 141avg
Decent run after yesterdays effort. Kept it nice and easy. Wore beefy shoes to protect the foot, didn’t bother me too much.

Run – 7 / 1:12 (10:14) / 129avg
This was the best crappy run I’ve had in a long time. Brisk day, with new snow and bright sunshine. My legs just did not want to go, and I didn’t push them in the slightest. Just jogged slowly. I think Tuesday’s run took more out of me than I thought, it always hits harder 48 hours out than it does the day after. I took it as a good sign though. The body has been stressed, time to relax and let it adapt.

Bike – 16.4 / :58 (16.9mph) / 146avg
Tried a repeat of last Friday’s ride on the MTB. Laps around a hilly 2 mile course. Wanted to push hard for 10 laps and average over 20mph. The wind was huge and making it a real struggle, I just wasn’t in the groove. Cut it short (2 days in a row now) at 6 laps and ended up with a 19.7 average. Happy enough with that work and am starting to feel things come together a bit.

Stats for the lap:
12.8 / :39 (19.5) / 155avg

Run – 18.1 / 2:52 (9:32) / 138avg
Another pre-dawn jog around the neighborhood. Same course (6 mile laps) as last 2 weeks. Pretty satisfied with this run. Still not pushing the speed at all, but easily matched the pace of my last two long runs that were 12 milers, with this one being 6 miles longer. Felt good for the most part and the time flew by. Struggled the last 2 miles, but I hadn’t taken anything to eat/drink so that was mostly to blame.

Run – 5 / :50 (10:00) / 132avg
TM. Felt decent after yesterday’s long run.

Total time – 9:07

Run – 53.4 / 8:09
Bike – 16.4 / :58



Pic of the week:


My foot, with nothing broken.  Lets keep it that way.

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