Playing bridge ninja at the end of our backpacking trip.

Just wrapped up my biggest-ever month of training.  419 miles in July.  I went from never having run a 100 mile week in training, to doing 3.  The remaining week was a 55 mile backpacking trip in the Gore Range (yes, I counted those miles in the July total).

We’ll see if this push pays off at Leadville in a few weeks.  I like to really back my legs into a corner, then step away and let them come out swinging.  Probably not the best approach, but I do seem to respond pretty well to it.

On the injury front I’m VERY happy that my 1.5 year old heel/PF problem has been fading away.  Of more concern now is the fact that the problem is manifesting itself higher up the chain now, in the lower calf/upper achilles area.  Feeling pretty shredded there right now.  Still doing lots of rehab and focus on those weaker areas.  I am starting to get a sensation  of things ‘knitting’ back together so hopefully that trend will continue and the legs will be ready for race day.

I haven’t been doing much climbing to speak of, or any speedwork at all.  The injured areas can’t tolerate it right now.  Just running long and slow, and doing LOTS of doubles.  Haven’t really done any two-a-days in the past, but have found it to be pretty useful in squeezing in all the mileage.  I’ve done several evening runs in the 2-5 mile range in my Vibrams over the past couple of months.  I really like running in those things and like the added  strength I am feeling in my feet/ankles/calves as a result.

Vibrams at the amusement park.

Things aren’t perfect, but are looking a little better than last year at this time.  I ran 790 miles in May/June/July of last year.  This year came in at 921 so I’m pretty happy with that.  I will be SO glad once all of my lower leg issues resolve and I don’t feel like I am being held back by them anymore.  As it stands now, I’m taking what I can get and trying to get stronger while still allowing for some recovery and healing.  It may not all pan out as soon as I would like, but I can feel progress being made and think that things will be good in the long term.

On to Leadville!

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  1. Awesome. Hay in the barn for Leadville. Taper time.

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