Daily Archives: August 17, 2010

Wild Life

I’ve been on a typical taper roller coaster over the past several days.  Felt absolutely awful on a 13 mile run Saturday, but have been getting progressively better since then.  Washing my hands every 30 seconds to avoid catching my daughter’s 2nd-week-of-school cold.  Scrambling to get drop bags packed, lists made and checked off, etc. – but seemingly not making any progress at all.  My lower calves feel like shredded beef.  My knee hurts.  I have to shuffle along the carpet when I get out of bed, and can’t walk normally for about 10-15 minutes.

And then, I found THIS in the basement this morning.

Wildlife, indeed.  14″ Prarie Rattlesnake.  As in, rah-tulll-snayk!

I ran downstairs in the pre-dawn darkness to grab my iPod off the desk where it had been charging.  I started to flip on the light and then blew right past it remembering that I had already unplugged the iPod last night and it was just sitting there for me to grab and go.  Got back upstairs and finished getting ready for work, but still had 10 minutes to kill before taking Malcolm to school.  Busted downstairs again to kick off a movie download so it could run while I was at work, flipped on the light, took three steps…

You have GOT to be joking.

Okay, where’s the hidden camera.  Ha, ha.

No such luck, it was the real-freaking-deal.

After successfully channeling my inner Steve Irwin and capturing it, I was faced with a dilemma of mind-blowing proportions.  My brain very nearly blew a gasket just thinking about it.  Do I tell anyone??? Unleash the drama?  The questions?  The FEAR?  Or…  Do I just keep it to myself, and figure out what to do later?

I decided to keep it to myself, just for now, until I could assess the situation better.  I carefully carried the box up the stairs and stopped at the landing to scope things out.  Everyone busy in the kitchen, go.  I turned to pick up the box and got two steps up before my wife’s eyes met mine transmitting the message (loud and clear), what in the hell is that!?!  I shot back an emphatic glance (the kids were still oblivious), you don’t want to know…  as I hurried past and out the front door.

Ultimately, reason won over and we showed the kids and had a good talk about being careful.  They weren’t as freaked out as I expected, and took it pretty well.  Jessica’s elementary school mascot is The Roxborough Rattler, so not that big of deal to her.

After surviving this week, running 100 miles on Saturday is going to be a walk in the park.