Still Kicking

2010 has been a real kick in the butt so far.  Both vehicles gone – one due to being totaled in an accident, the other due to engine failure.  I’ve been without my car for almost 3 weeks now.  Making for some huge van/bus/train/walk to work, and walk/train/bus/bus/run home commuting days.  Monday was 5 hours total time spent getting to and from work…

We’ve had our share of sickness, and I tripped at mile 24 of a 28 mile night run home from work 2 weeks ago and badly dislocated my finger.  Ouch.  Had to yank it back in place and then run 4 more miles home.

Through it all I’ve kept up my training.  I’ve been steady at 60 mpw for a few months and have 7 weeks of doing anywhere from a 20 to 32 mile long run.  I’m feeling very strong, but not too fast.  About right for February, I’d say.

Looking forward to warmer weather, a working finger, and a car to drive.

I still need to write up my report of my WRIAD birthday ride (way back in Oct.).  It was epic!

100 mile ride around the White Rim Trail on my 40th birthday.

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  1. That sounds like a brutal four miles!

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