Daily Archives: February 15, 2010


Had the day off today so took the kids to the climbing gym.  Dusted off my 23-year old (!!) La Sportiva Mariacher’s and they still fit like a glove.  The gym was great – cranking the classic rock station over the satellite radio.  Told my son I used to climb every day, back when this music was called modern rock…  Legs were still sore from Moab, and the dislocated finger protested a bit, but we all had a great time and can’t wait to do it again.

Natalie long legs

Lindsey coming down from a successful ascent

When I bought these shoes 23 years ago, I would have laughed if you told me that some day I would be running 100 mile races in La Sportivas.  Totally inconceivable.

Need to donate these to a museum

Malcolm working his way up a slightly overhanging 5.8

My girls

I was a little rusty, but still had a few moves left in me