Non-existent quads, a grouchy stomach, and some biblical weather had me pulling the plug at mile 80. Long way to go to end up with a DNF, especially with 9 hours in hand over the cutoff. I had been struggling since mile 15 (knew I was in for a long day at that point), but still moving pretty well. On the flat paved stretch leading into Fish Hatchery AS I could no longer move fast enough to stay warm in the frigid weather. For the previous 20 miles the only way I could run was to engage my calf muscles to pull my heels up and then lean forward. I knew it would just be foolish for me to even attempt Sugarloaf Pass in that state, and didn’t want to put responsibility for my safety on that remote section of the course into someone else’s hands. Especially if it would impact another racer or pacer. I exhibited a rare bit of common-sense and withdrew from the race.

I may write up more of a detailed report later.  For now, I saw some beautiful sights and had a good experience. The people were great and I enjoyed meeting friends on the trail. Time for some rest!

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  1. Chris, shucks…but a rare common sense is rare, indeed. So good for you for thinking straight! BTW, I read the Speadgoat report and saw the blister – awesome! 🙂

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