2,000 to go

Karl is off to a rough start on the AT. Very, very wet conditions. Take a look at day 4 – wow!! That is some unbelievably tough terrain. So cool to be able to follow along, I just watched video clips of the running from this morning – only a few hours after it happened. His top-notch crew (or is it Krew??) is taking great care of him and doing a stellar job of keeping the rest of us in the loop. Go, Karl!

174 down, 2000 to go

174 down, 2000 to go

Averaging 40+ miles a day of that stuff is nuts!

I did 13 miles today, outfitted with everything I will be using a week from now at Leadville. I ran comfortably with my heart rate at 145 to mimic the pace I would like to settle in to for the first couple of hours. Time to rest up and pack some drop bags!

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