Into the night I run


Sunset on the trail

About once a month, I try to do a run that incorporates a good portion of darkness (trying to prepare for running through the night during my 100 miler). Yesterday I left home around 6pm and ran a 32 mile loop that I finished just after midnight. I love those types of runs. It’s such a cool feeling to start running in broad daylight and know that you will still be going strong well after dark. The run tested me, I don’t think I’m fully recovered from the 100K race, but I made it through ok and am hungry for more.

A guy caught up to me just before mile 20 and just about fell over when he asked how far I was going and I replied 30+. It was pretty funny, he was out trying to squeeze in 6 after dinner. We ended up having a really nice chat, and that 2 miles went by far faster than any other two that night. It’s amazing how running with someone can do that. Other than races, I haven’t run with anyone at all this year. I do some group rides, but the running has been 100% solo. Kinda hard to find any takers for a 32 miler on a Saturday night…

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