HAPPY 2007!!!

Long time no post… I’m getting a fresh start for 2007.

We ZOOMED into the new year today. Went sledding at the park and enjoyed all of the snow we’ve gotten over the last couple of weeks. Natalie turned into a radical big-air monster and put us all to shame with her jumps.

I finished up the year with 5600 miles of riding, and 148 miles of running. I really liked the running I did, and want to do it a lot more. I ran three miles today, first run in almost two months because I’ve been struggling with a knee injury (ITBS). It seems to be under control now thanks to some PT and a really good massage therapist. It felt sooo good to get out and run again.

They cleared the paths around our neighborhood with some bobcat’s (small front-end loader), so the running was actually decent – though it was strange having snow piled up shoulder high on both sides… So I guess a new year means setting some goals. Eating-wise (big slacker last year), I’ve been doing great the past couple of weeks and actually lost 5 pounds over the holidays. Whew.

I think I will make running my main focus of 2007 as far as physical activity goes. Cycling has been great and I love it, but I felt like I pretty much coasted through last year – which still got me some decent results, but it’s just not the same anymore. I can’t keep fighting to stay on the razor’s edge of super-fitness like is necessary to be competing for a top finish around here. So, I will still race this year, it just won’t be the end-all for me. I think running will be better in terms of flexibility time-wise with lots of stuff going on in the family and with the kids. Plus, I feel ready for a new challenge, something that will push me like nothing else has. Another factor is that after trying to run, I could NOT believe how badly it crippled me. Doing 5000-6000 miles a year on the bike for the past 3 years did wonders for my cardio fitness, but left me pretty soft when it came to doing anything weight bearing. Gotta toughen up, boy!

It’s been a long time since I’ve feared not being able to finish a race, but now with the ideas of running an ultra-marathon that I have going around in my head, that’s exactly how I feel. I’m specifically targeting a 100k (62 mile!!) mountain race in August. It’s a monster, right in my old backyard (Utah). Tons of mountains, dirt, rocks, heat, etc.

Considering the fact that I started at 3 miles today, I have a loooong way to go. Should be fun!

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