Daily Archives: January 28, 2007

Tempo run

It figures that after doing the last several runs outside in darkness, sub-freezing temps, and snow/ice, my treadmill day would turn out to be sunny and 45 degrees. D’oh!

Oh, well. I was still smarting a bit after hitting the deck on the ice yesterday and my legs were really craving some tempo after having done mainly long slow distance runs this week. I wanted to just put it on auto-pilot for a while. I built up my pace over the first 3 miles and then did 4 miles at a steady tempo (8:20), then I stepped it down over the next 3 for a total of 10 – giving me 52 for the week. The ITB issues that I’ve had over the past 3 months are steadily disappearing into the rear-view mirror. Nice!

Let sleeping dogs lie

The older kids were playing outside in the snow when Malcolm decided to dig a hole and wait in it to ambush the girls with a snowball when they came around the corner of the house.

Apparently they took too long, because Malcolm fell asleep! The girls tiptoed past him and left him there – asleep with snowball in hand