The hay is in the barn…

That summarizes my training so far this year. I’ve gone through 3 ‘base’ cycles and 2 ‘build’ cycles – next up is to RACE. Basically, I have about a week or so until my first big race of the year. There’s no training I can do between now and then that will make me any faster for that race – hence the saying that the hay is in the barn.

It’s an exciting feeling, to know all the training I’ve done is stored up and ready to be unleashed, but it’s going to be hard to hold back over the next several days and let my legs recover. Just not my nature, I want to keep pushing it. Gotta have faith…

The nagging question is, have I done enough?? I’m taking comfort in reflecting on my previous best year of racing (1995, ugh.). At this point in the season that year I had put in 800 miles spread over 28 rides. This year I’ve ridden 1323 miles over 75 rides, with a LOT more intensity. I feel pretty confident. I think. I guess.

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