Quite possibly…

the best pure training ride I’ve ever done. Today was solo. Late start. In the wind. I had hill repeats on the schedule and was rested enough and strong enough to execute them to the tee. I did 4×1.5 mile laps on Lookout Mountain. My times were all within a few seconds of each other, and my avg HR was 167, 167, 166, and 168. Maybe just a shade low (legs still a little tired from training camp), but I’m happy with the consistency. Cadence averages were 64, 64, 63, and 64 – I think I’m getting dialed in… After the 4th interval, I continued to the top and then hunkered down for a long 12 mile drop to Morrison.

Had my first Clif bar (team sponsor) while riding today. Peanut butter and something else. GOOD STUFF!!!! Totally hit the spot…

The rest of the time was classic spring riding. New team kit on, and just the sound of my breathing to keep me company. I felt strong. Wind, some rain, sun, clouds, and a race against the sunset made for an epic 3 1/2 hours and 5500′ of climbing. Not too shabby for the middle of Feb!

And so ends my first ‘build’ phase. Next week – 5 hours riding and lots of rest. Ahhhhh, the legs are ready. They feel like they’ve been pulverized with a meat tenderizer. I felt ok really shredding them today knowing that rest was around the corner.

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