Daily Archives: February 27, 2005

What’s this, a mountain bike ride!?!?

Been a while since I’ve ridden the knobbies. Did a fun ride with Rob today up on Green Mountain. Very popular riding spot around here – it was my first time riding it and I’ve lived here over 6 years! Excellent winter-time riding because there is a lot of southern exposure and the trails dry out quickly. We went up the service road, which gets pretty steep in places, then bombed down some single track. I love being able to use my road-fitness on the mountain bike. Makes riding the trails a lot of fun!

I just about couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this picture Rob took of me. Looks nothing like the Chris of just one year ago. I like this Chris a whole lot better!!

After I got home, I loaded up the kids and we headed to the park for some more riding. Gotta take advantage of the nice weather!