Photo Shoot: 2014 HRCA Backcountry Wilderness Half Marathon

The Grand Finale.  A spectacular November day awaited the 800 runners for this sold out race, just in time before the Polar Vortex set in and plunged Colorado into bitter cold temps.

A trail half marathon is a very challenging, but fun event to shoot.  It is long enough to allow me some time to move around the course (although I have to sprint at times), yet short enough that the runners are moving well which adds to the dramatic effect of the images.  I thoroughly enjoyed this race and seeing so many friends out crushing the course and having a great time.  I used my wide angle lens quite a bit, which meant I was only 2 feet off the trail in a lot of cases.  That made for some fun interaction with the runners as they went by.










The rest of the images can be viewed here.

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