Race Report: 2010 Rescue Run 10K

I was really looking forward to this race. The weather was cooperating nicely and I was feeling good. Stepped on the scale and was back to my pre-Leadville weight for the first time since August. This is a hilly race and I have been doing a lot of hill work on the treadmill to supplement my normal runs. In short, I was expecting to fly.

I sucked.

Legs didn’t hurt, they just wouldn’t go. I worked as hard or harder than I did the previous two times I’ve done this race and came away with my slowest ever time. Nice.

Was disappointed for a while, but it doesn’t matter. On to the next one! Good training, anyway. I think my legs were still a little flat from my first big run of this training cycle last weekend. That run was awesome – cruised 21 hilly miles with an avg HR of 130. I think it took more out of my legs than I thought. Only way to deal with that is go do another one tomorrow!

29th place out of ~700

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  1. Jorge Romero-Habeych

    A HR of 130….you’re a beast!

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