Oh, Please Let This Be the One!

Can I get a Hallelujah?!?

After six long years and thousands of miles (not to mention dollars), I think I have finally found my shoe. It’s early days yet, so I’m holding off on a full review, but wow – these things are the shizzle!

They are making running fun for me again, in a way I haven’t felt in far too long. I’m calling them my mojo moccasins.

Besides, who wouldn’t love a shoe that can do this?


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  1. agreed. I have never liked PI shoes, but the new line is pretty awesome. I could see the N2 being a pretty awesome 100 miler shoe. Have not tried the N1. PI nailed it with this line.

    • Hey, Todd. Same story here. Been Saucony / New Balance / La Sportiva for the most part. No interest in PI at all. Couldn’t believe how silent these things are on pavement of all things. They match my stride so well, it is unbelievable. N2 is next on the list…

  2. I wasn’t planning on trying this line of shoe, but you’re like the 5th person in the past week who’s spoken highly of them. After volunteering at the Quad Rock aid station for 6 hours, I lost track of how many folks were sporting these kicks. And ff course I just bought a new pair of Saucony & Sportiva’s in the past month. Go figure.

    • I think you and I have run in a lot of the same shoe models. Not sure how you would like these, but they are a big winner in my book (only 2 weeks in, tho).

  3. I bought a pair Pearls last year because I loved the fit of the seamless top. I like the improvements they have made this year with the e-motions. I have the road version as well. BTW, I will be at the Leadville Marathon. What events are you doing this year?

    • I picked up the road version, too. Loving them also! Probably no Leadville Marathon for me. Doing 50 miler in Roxborough State Park 1st Sat in June, then need to find something for July. August is Leadville 100. You’re doing Pikes, right?

  4. I don’t about Pikes Ascent. I still need to get the qualifier. Debating whether or not to go for it this Sunday at Colfax.

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