Reluctantly Crouched at the Starting Line

I ran past this spot at sunrise a year ago on a training run with Joe, Jaime, and Woody.  It was an amazing location, but we were cruising in the dark and I couldn’t gawk too much.  I have always wanted to go back when I had some time to set up the camera and capture the brilliant sun breaking the horizon.  This time I hit the trailhead well before dawn and packed in the gear.  I got the tripod set up and tested the exposure several times before setting the camera to fire at one second intervals.  Then all I had to do was wait for the sun and start running!


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  1. Very cool shot. The top of Matthews-Winters? I used to beat that park to death, but for some reason (probably after-work bike traffic) don’t run there much any more. I REALLY like the red rocks on the descent just ahead of this location. And the loop around that park is a tough 10k.

    • Yep. Thanks! This is from up on the mesa, can’t beat the view from up there. It does make for a great loop. I only get up there 5-6 times a year, but would definitely run it more if I lived closer.

  2. I know those rocks well…but can’t say I’ve ever seen ’em so beautiful. Well done, sir!

  3. I love the sunrise shot. I finally had a chance to look through all the wildlife pictures. They turned out incredible. You have a great eye for the landscape and wildlife stuff. Were those all with the D5100?

  4. NIce shot Chris! Love the Cake reference. Happy running and shooting…

  5. Man, that’s awesome. If looking at this doesn’t make you want to go out and hit the trail, I am not sure what else will.

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