2012 Training Log – Week 49

55 miles, 10 hours.  I was hoping for 70, but some sucky legs and a weekend of work took care of that idea.  Man, I had some horrible runs this week.  Bleh.

I am getting up at 5:05 (because 05:00 is way too close to 04:59) and am on the treadmill by 5:10.  Typically only for a mile to a mile and a half, hiking at a steep grade.  Aiming to do that 4-5x a week to build some uphill fitness and also get my calves stretched out a little.

Saw a red tailed hawk with one only leg.  Crappy cell phone pic, but you can see it dangling:


I managed to sneak in a little mountain bike safari late Saturday afternoon and tracked down the sheep herd:



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  1. Yeah, there are just weeks like that. But when you get 10 hours out of it, that is better than the alternative this time of the year: hibernation.

  2. Wow, incredible shots. How close were you to the herd?

  3. George, good perspective. I need to remember that doing anything is still better than doing nothing. No matter how bad I suck right now.

    Thanks, Cory. These shots weren’t particulary close (I think maybe 30 feet), but I have been much closer. Depending on the time of day/year, you can pet them if you hang out with them for a while. If they percieve the slightest threat then it’s game over. They are particularly attracted to the salt on your skin.

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