2012 Training Log – Week 47

My cracked rib made a lot of progress this week and has been feeling much better.  It’s nice to be working my way back into some regular training again.  The second half of the week was going to be full with work, so I front-loaded as much running as I could early on.

21 miles

Had the day off from work, and only intended to do around 10 miles after dropping the kids off at school. I was thinking 15 would be a stretch, but then kept on rolling for 21. Very cold, but sunny day on the backcountry trails.

6.6 miles

Easy recovery run after yesterday’s longer effort.

14.3 miles

Wanted to do a longer tempo, ended up with 13.1 in 1:39. Pleased with that, the rib felt quite good today. Definitely noticing an improvement there.

This has been out for a few weeks, and I finally got around to watching it today.  I loved last year’s, and I think I like this one even better.  The production quality rocks and the music/action interplay is outstanding.  I have watched the :45 – 1:30 segment so many times, I think there is a hard drive buried in the YouTube server farm with a massive groove worn in it.

6.6 miles

I work using a command-line and have wanted to try using a monitor in portrait mode for a few years now, but have been too lazy to set it up.  Finally got around to it last night.  It was quite the attention getter for some reason.  I guess it does look quite unusual to the passer-by.

The enterprising smartass in me couldn’t resist making this sign:


It was a big hit.  I collected $2.16, a piece of candy, Powerball tickets, and a share of $42 million from a nice banker in Nigeria.


7 miles


0 miles

Worked a good chunk of the day.  Traffic jam on my commute:


Diverted up to Roxborough State Park in the late afternoon when I was supposed to be making a trip to the grocery store.  Sometimes I just like taking the long way.


There is a spot on the dirt road that gives a gool perspective of downtown Denver.  It is about 22 miles away.


Then I took my daughter and her friends out for a birthday celebration.  Sweet 16.


Took this pic of Orion while waiting to pick them up.


0 miles

No run.  More work, then crashed for a hour or so.

Took LJ on a late afternoon drive so she could get some hours in.  She drove everything from dirt roads into the blinding sun to 75 mph freeway at night.  We stopped at the halfway point and got out of the car to watch the sunset.



Total: 55 miles / 8:42

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