Birthday Sunset

Thought I would post a few shots from the drive home through Kansas Saturday night.  It was the perfect ending to a great day.  These were all taken through a dirty windshield while traveling at 80mph.  I wished I could have stopped and set up some compositions, but we still had hours of driving ahead of us (got home after 1:00).  The upside was that we made the sunset last much longer than normal.  A good 30 minutes, at least.  It was awesome!


This one is a 4 shot panorama with the camera held vertically.  Not bad for being done without a tripod.





This is my current Facebook cover:


The patches of sky were an amazing shade of blue.


This is one I really wished I could have stopped and composed better.  Had to just snag it on the fly.  I love the old windmill mixed in with the new turbines.


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