2012 Training Log – Week 41

Mixed week.  Off to a good start with two solid workouts.  Lots of things going on over the weekend, and I consciously let them derail the running.  I could have forced it, but chose not to.  I did get to spend a little time in the mountains, and about froze to death on the Continental Divide taking some pictures after dark.

I’m still leaning towards jumping in the 6 hour ‘fun run’ in Boulder this weekend.  I have a couple days left to register, so might as well leave it until the last minute.  Just taking things one day at a time for now.

9 miles

Intervals on the HC. .5, .5, 1 mile, .5

Nothing too extreme, mostly just blowing the rust out.

6 miles

Calves shot from yesterday.  They just don’t seem to handle the faster efforts very well (probably due to my running form).

9 miles

Good day. Rather, I made it into a good day. My calves were pissing and moaning big time again, but I called their bluff. Did 8 miles worth of tempo at the Boneyard. After 4 laps I was sitting at an average of 8:10, started feeling a little better and whittled that down to 7:50 after 3 more.

I owe this run to scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, peanut butter cups, a little cherry coke zero, and the Foo Fighters.

8 miles

Easy jog.

0 miles

No running today.  Tied up in meetings, then drove to Leadville and back to bring Malcolm home for the weekend.  First snowfall of the year, had to brush the car off in the morning.  Took this shot of 14,267′ Torreys Peak in the afternoon.


Then I stopped near Frisco and spent 30 minutes walking in the hills to take a break from the drive and snap some more pictures.



0 miles

Could have run, but chose to go up to Boulder instead.  Met up with RT at a photography seminar, and listened to 4 adventure photographers give presentations.  Good stuff.


Fairly tight on time afterwards, but did have a 30 minute cushion to work with.  Used that time to hit Eldorado Canyon on the way home.  The place was empty due to the weather, so it was nice to have it pretty much to myself.

Tried another panorama with the camera held vertically.  This shot is 9 frames stitched together.  The file Photoshop spit out was a 2.5GB TIF!  If I did the pixel math correctly, it would be 12 feet wide and 4 feet tall if printed at the native size.


0 miles

Took Malcolm back up to Leadville.  Spent some time on the way back working on getting some night shots.

Big Dipper over the Continental Divide:


Milky Way:


The Tunnel:




Total: 32 miles / 4:45

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