2012 Training Log – Week 40

Coming off of the 40 miler last Saturday, I was surprised to feel as good as I did this week.  I know my log entries mention being tired quite a bit, but I really should have been more crippled after all that pavement.

It was a super busy week in all aspects of life, and I didn’t quite make my mileage goal.

I am backing away a little bit from the idea of running the 24 Hours of Boulder in two weeks.  Every time I think about pulling the trigger on registration, I have an overwhelming feeling of – meh.  My birthday is the following Saturday, and the idea of coming up with some sort of cool/crazy/stupid run for that instead is becoming a more attractive alternative.  Maybe a DIY 100 miler is in order?  The wheels are turning…

Lots of fun with the camera as I took over 1,000 photos this week including my first serious attempt at portraits, and first time spending the day shooting a trail race/ultra.  I spent both Friday and Saturday evenings chasing the moonrise, which would have been spectacular if not for a thick layer of haze/smoke on the horizon which killed the best views.

6 miles

Boneyard with Stu. Felt really good considering the 40 miler on the weekend. Almost unsettling…

10 miles

Highline Canal. First 4 were rough, then felt better. Thinking I will target 70 again this week and try to keep it at that level up through Boulder.

11 miles

Strange day. 1st attempt to run was thwarted by a work call that led to being slammed most of the day. Thought I would stop off at Chatfield on the way home and get in an easy 5 or so. Felt very slow and tired, ran out onto the dam. Turned around at 2.5 and there was a very nasty storm that sneaked up behind me with lots of lightning that basically cut off my retreat. To my immediate south, the skies were clear and sunny. I decided to keep going and run around the south end of the lake before turning back north to get to my car. I was dragging pretty bad, but finally made it.

This was looking away from the storm, much worse behind me.  In any case, not a good place to be with lightning around.


Went out later that night to try and get some night shots of the lightning over the city.


11 miles

Included 10 miles in the high 7’s. As tired as my legs were, it forced me to work a bit to hold that pace.

Found a GREAT spot for shooting portraits and my daughter was a good sport and let me practice taking some shots.  It’s not an area of photography that I’ve done much with, pretty much favoring the landscapes, but I liked the new challenge.  Most of all, I was happy that she was happy with how they turned out – teenage girls being somewhat hard to please in that way…


12 miles

Very tired again (theme for the week), but put in some good work at the Boneyard.

Made a pretty big effort to get a moonrise shot from Chatfield State Park.  Didn’t quite get what I was after, but had a fun evening running back and forth alternating between moonrise and sunset.





12 miles

Really felt broken-down today. I think that is my cue to start letting up. I’ll abandon the goal of 70 for this week and be content with what I’ve gotten so far.

Spent the evening chasing another Harvest Moon shot.  Mostly thrwarted by a super thick layer of haze/smoke on the horizon that spoiled the moonrise, but did get a couple shots I liked.




Spent a fun day at the Bear Chase Trail Race cheering for the runners and taking a bunch of photos.



See the rest here.

Total: 62.6 miles / 10:06

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  1. awesome photos and stories!

  2. I like the Chatfield sunset. Very cool picture!

  3. Great shots. But that has become pretty expected of you! No 24 eh? I am nearly 100 percent certain I won’t but I might be out there to watch the carnage.

    • Very unlikely on the 24, now. Looking like I will be on the hook for some work at least part of the day. Such is life in IT. I did notice they have a 6 hour fun run option starting at 6pm. What better way to spectate than getting out on the course for the fun run…? I may try to swing that.

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