The Agile Fox Friday Foto – 08.17.2012

After a year and a half of including a ‘pic of the week’ at the end of my weekly training summary, I’ve decided to let it stand as a post of its own.  I’m also implementing a rule that the Friday Foto needs to have been taken sometime in the last week.  No recycling.  I am doing this to keep me engaged in building my photography skills, and to make me work harder to get fresh shots.  Click here to see my previous Friday Foto posts.

First attempt at a levitation photo.  It was a fun time, and my daughter had no problem hamming it up for the camera.  The technique I used (layer mask in GIMP) comes in handy for many different photo applications, so it was good to practice it a bit more for this shot.

It was a great learning experience and way to expand my skillset.  The end result makes me smile every time I look at it!


Floating Kid
1/250 f/8, 10mm @ ISO 400

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