2011 Training Log – Week 47

Decent week for the start of 2012 training.  Wanted 60-65 miles and got that.  Will probably stay there for a couple of weeks before moving that up a little.  Happy with the two workouts, but didn’t go as long on the weekend as I was hoping.  Pretty tough conditions on that one.

Run – 10.7 miles
Merrell Trail Glove

Very good run. Actually felt like I was ‘training’. Don’t know what for, but that will come soon enough. Hit the boneyard for some hot laps on the twisting, climbing, lumpy and overgrown singletrack. It’s an ugly place to run, but effective for getting some dirt time while in the city. Kind of like a Crossfit gym in a rented storage unit.

Did an easy 3 mile warmup, followed by 5 hard laps with 2 min rest. Each lap is 1.2 miles. The first four were like an old-time duel. Controlled, gentlemanly. I pushed hard on the last one and hit 178 on the heart rate which is up there for me. That lap was more like a knife fight in a dark alley. Happy with the workout.

Run – 10.2 miles
New Balance Minimus

Easy but steady. Tired from yesterday, but not too jacked up. Saw 13 mallards in one little pond.

Run – 10.3 miles
Merrell Trail Glove

Warmed up easy for 3 miles, then cranked it up for 6 at a medium-hard effort with a 164 average heart rate.

Run – 7.5 miles
La Sportiva Crosslite

Ran like a snail. A tired, frozen snail. Shuffled along through several inches of new powder.

Run – 9.2 miles
Merrell Trail Glove

Nice steady cruise. Felt a lot better than yesterday.

Run – 12.2 miles
New Balance MT101

Out early in the dark and cold to shuffle through several inches of new snow again. Not the most pleasant run, but hopefully I’ll get some benefit out of it?

Run – 4 miles
Nike Free, barefoot

Easy jog on the treadmill.

Total: 64 miles / 10:20 / 608 TSS

Pic of the week – I’ve always wanted to go to Pencilvania:

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