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2011 Training Log–Week 14

Bit of a different week.  No real long run, but three 2-2.5 hour days in a row at the end of the week.  Got in some night running, a faster paced 15 miler, and a good day on the bike.  Had a lot of scheduling to juggle due to several different things going on, but I made it happen.  Even running past midnight a couple of days ago.  Not posting huge numbers or anything, but 60+ running and a bike day is about right for me at this point.  Will keep trying to bump the time and distance up week over week.

Going forward – feeling the need to start getting some climbing in.  I haven’t done any to speak of in quite a while.  Partly due to convenience and partly due to my calf and heel problems.  We’ll see.

Run – 7 / :54 / 151avg
Pretty good run. A little pressed for time so kept it short.

Bike – 27.7 / 1:23 / 144avg
Super weather. Finally some good conditions. Still quite windy, but nothing like the last couple of weeks. Got a good 20 mile effort in on the road bike.

20 / 54:03 (22.2mph) / 154avg

Run – 8.3 / 1:21 / 131avg
VFFs @ the Boneyard.  Normally one of my most looked forward to runs of the week. Today was a drag, though. Just went through the motions, no mojo. Was planning on an easy day, so just kept it very mellow.

Run – 15.4 / 1:56 / 161avg
Solid run for me at this stage. HR was a bit high, but that’s ok. Felt strong through 90 minutes, then started to wobble a bit.  Had thoughts of maybe keeping it up for 20 miles, but lack of food and water plus some time constraints made 15 enough.

Run – 13.1 / 2:06 / 131avg
Put the heavy trainers on and just jogged for a couple of hours. Explored a couple of new trails and just about got a deer killed when I inadvertently spooked it and it bolted across a busy road. The hood of a car just brushed it’s backside as it was pulling its legs forward. Don’t know what got in to that one. I passed probably 20 more that couldn’t have cared less about me.

Run – 15 / 2:35 / 118avg
Busy day seeing the sights with family visiting from out of town. Had a great time together. Left home @ 10pm and ran off into the night. Took some trails through Chatfield State Park and along the foothills. Very easy jog, just trying to get in some night running and time on my feet.

Run – 3 / :35
Easy dog jog.

Total Time – 11:05

Bike – 27.7 / 1:23
Run – 61.9 / 9:41



Pic of the week:

Taking in the view.

2011 Training Log–Week 13

Spent the early part of the week in recovery mode after the 12 hour race over the weekend.  Never was all that sore, just super tired.  Felt much better from Thursday on.  So a fairly normal week, but scaled back a little.  Ready to get back at it and start ramping up for the next race.

Run – 5 / :55 / 122avg
Dreading this one.  Feeling very tired after running 60 on Saturday and then getting home at 2 in the morning.  Knew today’s run was a necessary evil, though.  I’d be better off later in the week if I got out for some active recovery today.  Not really all that sore, just feeling very well used.  Shuffled along for an hour and babied the legs while getting some circulation going.
Run – 7 / 1:04 / 133avg
Really tired today, but got out anyway.  Much better than yesterday.  I didn’t have anything on the hills, but was suprised at how cruise-y the rest of the run felt.  Recovery is going well.  I probably need to mix in a bike day soon, though.
Bike – 17 / 1:09 / 117avg
Rolled around for a while on the mountain bike in the 30-40mph winds. Not fun. Didn’t enjoy anything about this ride, but knew it would help my recovery so kept with it.
Run – 10 / 1:26 / 152avg
Almost felt back to normal today.  Had a really nice run at the boneyard cruising lap after lap of hilly trails.  The wind was huge, but it was helping on 2 out of the 3 climbs per lap so no complaints there.  Couldn’t believe that just 3 days ago I was struggling with an 11-12 minute pace on the flats and now I held 8:45 for 10 miles of rolling trails while feeling pretty good doing it.  My heels felt sorta decent and my calves never tightened up on me like they usually do when I run here.  Me like.
Bike – 27.7 / 1:27 / 140avg
Rather than do a 20 mile push with a 20mph target on the mountain bike, or a 24mph target on the road bike, I opted to split the difference and shoot for 20 on the road bike.  This would be easily accomplished without taking too big of toll since I’m still somewhat in recovery mode, but would still keep me honest.  I ended up with a 21.2 average for 20 miles.  Which was probably a touch too hard – especially with the wind and hills.  I should have had a little more discipline and held it closer to 20, but the bike felt light and fast and I just went with it.  Still didn’t work me over too bad.

20 / 57:42 (21.2mph) / 149avg

16.1 / 2:41 / 139avg
Out before dawn to run the Sharptail/Swallowtail loop from the house.  Nice long mellow climbs, just right.  Felt pretty decent.  Nothing too snappy, but strong.  Would have loved to stay out for another hour or two.  Happy to be moving as well as I was just a week out from the 60 miler.
3 / :40 / 120
Dog jog-walk.
Total time – 9:26

Run – 41 / 6:48
Bike – 45 / 2:37



Pic of the week:

I wanted to get a look at my footstrike pattern from a different angle, so I put the camera on the ground and ran towards it.  I think I have a pretty good neutral midfoot landing, not much to tinker with there.  What stands out to me in the pics, and what I have known for a long time, is that I push off too hard on the takeoff.  I have been working on pulling my foot up with my quads and hips rather than pushing off so much with the ball of my foot.  Running in the VFFs or barefoot helps this a lot, but I have a long way to go in that department.  I have thick callouses on the medial side of my big toe and ball of my right foot.  I push off way too much there and need to work on that some more, along with getting my left leg/foot more involved instead of just dragging them along for the ride.

Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132635
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132637
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132642
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132644
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132647
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132649
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132652
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132654
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132700
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132702
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132705
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132707
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132710
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132714
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132717
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132719
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132721
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132723
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132726
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132729
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132733
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132736
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132738
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132740
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132743
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132745
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132748
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132750
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132753
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132800
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132802
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132805
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132808
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132810
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132813
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132815
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132818
Fullscreen capture 04.03.2011 132821