2011 Training Log–Week 14

Bit of a different week.  No real long run, but three 2-2.5 hour days in a row at the end of the week.  Got in some night running, a faster paced 15 miler, and a good day on the bike.  Had a lot of scheduling to juggle due to several different things going on, but I made it happen.  Even running past midnight a couple of days ago.  Not posting huge numbers or anything, but 60+ running and a bike day is about right for me at this point.  Will keep trying to bump the time and distance up week over week.

Going forward – feeling the need to start getting some climbing in.  I haven’t done any to speak of in quite a while.  Partly due to convenience and partly due to my calf and heel problems.  We’ll see.

Run – 7 / :54 / 151avg
Pretty good run. A little pressed for time so kept it short.

Bike – 27.7 / 1:23 / 144avg
Super weather. Finally some good conditions. Still quite windy, but nothing like the last couple of weeks. Got a good 20 mile effort in on the road bike.

20 / 54:03 (22.2mph) / 154avg

Run – 8.3 / 1:21 / 131avg
VFFs @ the Boneyard.  Normally one of my most looked forward to runs of the week. Today was a drag, though. Just went through the motions, no mojo. Was planning on an easy day, so just kept it very mellow.

Run – 15.4 / 1:56 / 161avg
Solid run for me at this stage. HR was a bit high, but that’s ok. Felt strong through 90 minutes, then started to wobble a bit.  Had thoughts of maybe keeping it up for 20 miles, but lack of food and water plus some time constraints made 15 enough.

Run – 13.1 / 2:06 / 131avg
Put the heavy trainers on and just jogged for a couple of hours. Explored a couple of new trails and just about got a deer killed when I inadvertently spooked it and it bolted across a busy road. The hood of a car just brushed it’s backside as it was pulling its legs forward. Don’t know what got in to that one. I passed probably 20 more that couldn’t have cared less about me.

Run – 15 / 2:35 / 118avg
Busy day seeing the sights with family visiting from out of town. Had a great time together. Left home @ 10pm and ran off into the night. Took some trails through Chatfield State Park and along the foothills. Very easy jog, just trying to get in some night running and time on my feet.

Run – 3 / :35
Easy dog jog.

Total Time – 11:05

Bike – 27.7 / 1:23
Run – 61.9 / 9:41



Pic of the week:

Taking in the view.

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  1. Good stuff Chris. Saw your name on the CP list! Nice! Not long now.

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