2011 Training Log–Week 16

I could have easily let this week beat me, but I made it through.  I got very sick early in the week and spent a couple of days riding the fever/chill roller coaster.  Along with a pretty nasty cough.  My daughter tested positive for strep on Wednesday, so I’m sure I was fighting off something similar.

Not exactly a good way to prep for an upcoming race, but I made the best of it and am very glad I got to go run the Cheyenne Mountain 50K.  Very fun course and well done event.  Had my son with me and that really made it a great trip.

Time to get all the way better and kick the last of this cough and throat thing that is still hanging around.  Next up, Collegiate Peaks 50 miler in 2 weeks.

Run – 11 / 1:35 / 147avg
Good steady run at the boneyard. Such an awesome place to train for being in the city. Endless rollers and singletrack. Resting HR pretty low today, but was 6-10 beats higher than normal during the run.
Run – 7 / 1:11 / 124avg
Ugh. Just a casual jog, but felt pretty awful. Fighting a cold. Very tired and achy.
SICK.Have been suffering with fever and chills since yesterday afternoon. Hit 101 at midnight and it has been coming down a bit since then. Feeling achy and wiped out. Stayed home from work.
Run – 8.3 / 1:12 / 151avg
Still feeling sick, but a lot better than Tuesday and Wednesday. Ran this to make a go/no-go decision on the race Saturday. It won’t be optimal, but it’ll be doable. Heart rate very high for the effort I was putting in. I’ll have to run very conservatively at the 50k just to survive…
Run – 4.3 / :45 / 124avg
Easy jog around the boneyard. Still not feeling too hot. Tomorrow is going to be interesting… Looking forward to getting out on some great trails, though.
Run – 33.4 / 6:10 / 148avg
Cheyenne Mountain 50k. I survived, but struggled quite a bit as expected. Good long training run, anyway.
Run – 6 / 1:02
Treadmill recovery jog. Didn’t run hard enough yesterday for anything to be sore.
Total Time – 11:56

Bike – 0 / 0
Run – 70.1 / 11:56


Pic of the week:

Malcolm ran about 7 miles in his orange VFFs meeting me at various points on the course to cheer me on and take pictures, helped out at an aid station, and ran with me for the last 3 miles of the race.  All while having a ‘this is awesome’ time.  My kind of kid.

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  1. Good to see you out there for a bit. Wish I could have kept up for a few more miles, but you were pretty steady.

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