2011 Training Log–Week 1

I’ve been toying with the idea of keeping a more detailed training log for a while.  I’ve kept track of my mileage and time all along, but haven’t really used the log approach very consistently.  I did well when I was working with coach Karl, and found that the report was a great way to stay motivated during the week – and then to reflect on how the week went and hopefully learn some things in the process.

I’m just getting rolling again after dealing with a prolonged layoff due to an injured foot, and needing some motivation.  Especially now – in the dead of winter, with all of my hard-earned fitness long gone, and a few extra pounds to carry around.

Just knowing I’ll be reporting on my week is going to be a great help in getting me back on track.  I do have to be somewhat careful to not get sucked into doing things just for the sake of having a good report (running too far, too fast, then getting injured).  I’m most hopeful that putting up a weekly accounting, as meager as it may be right now, will help me even more in terms of staying motivated to do the extra things in training beyond just racking up miles.  Eat well, lose weight, cross-train, work on other areas of the body besides just the legs.

This year I am going to put a decent amount of time in on my bike, but with a twist.  In the past I have always used the bike as more of a recovery tool for an easy day.  Now when I ride, it will be with harder efforts to build strength in areas of my legs that have not been getting used much.  Hopefully, all of this will lead to some good results this year.

It’s a start…


01.03.2011 – 01.09.2011

Run – 5.2 / 1:01 (11:46) / 142avg
VFF jog @ the boneyard. Cold and snowy trails.

Run – 1 / :20 (20:00) / 121avg
TM hike
3 @ 4%
+10 dumbbells

Run – 1 / :20 (20:00) / 121avg
TM hike
3 @ 4%
+10 dumbbells

Bike – 23.7 / 1:21 (17.4mph) / 155avg
MTB on roads. Ok ride. Legs very fresh, but didn’t last as long as I would like. Conditions were nice. Just a base layer, shorts and a jersey today. Put in a solid 17 mile effort in the middle with a 19.9 avg speed. Not bad on the knobby tires.

Stats for the lap:
17.4 / :52 (19.9mph) / 165avg

Run – 5.5 / :50 (9:14) / 154avg
Boneyard. Calves got so tight my feet went numb for a while. Not pleasant.

Run – 12.3 / 1:54 (9:20) / 144avg
Got up at 05:30 to get this one in. Nice conditions. 2 big laps around the neighborhood. Felt slow but ok. Super tight calves, though.

Total Time – 5:48

Run – 25 / 4:26
Bike – 23.7 / 1:21



Pic of the week:


This is a reminder to train smart and not get injured.  My weekly miles from fall 2010.

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