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2010 Year End Stats

Time to look back on the year.  Kind of surprised by the run miles with all the time off lately.  I haven’t been watching the total, but when I checked it yesterday I was at 2498 so I hopped on the treadmill for a bit this morning to pop over 2500.  Happy with that – just under 7 miles per day.

Bike could have been a bit higher if I was riding the road, but the biggest share of those miles were on the mountain bike.

Loose goal for 2011 = 3,000 running, 2,000 bike…  We’ll see.

Happy New Year!

Total Time 603:55
Bike 1613.5 mi
Run 2501.3 mi


Previous years:

Total Time 534:26
Bike 1738 mi
Run 2372.4 mi



Total Time 417:51
Bike 654.7 mi
Run 2240.7 mi



Total Time 488:10
Bike 1197.8 mi
Run 2072.9 mi



Total Time 354:01
Bike 5194.8 mi
Run 93.6 mi



Total Time 363:52
Bike 5589.3 mi
Run 0 mi


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