White Rim Washout

The news of a huge washout on the White Rim Trail is gradually spreading across forums, newsgroups, websites, and other media.  Apparently, back on 8/19, a severe thunderstorm eroded a significant section of the Horsethief switchbacks above Mineral Bottom.

Photo provided by NPS

Photo provided by NPS

This is a pretty big blow to those of us who were considering a fall trip around the White Rim.  Sounds like (and looks like) it will be quite some time before the road is repaired.  Watch here for updates.

I did a little Weather Underground research, and while the closest weather station is 25 miles from the site, it shows a significant amount of rainfall that afternoon (a rate of 0.50″/hour for 90 minutes).

The archived radar loop shows a pretty huge red mass that afternoon as well.  Watch the left edge of the display at 3-4pm.

Here are a couple of pics from my 40th birthday MTB ride around the White Rim (100.3 miles) in October of last year.  Still need to write about that one!

Me on top of Horsethief

Fun descent

My brother (little spec on the road), just beyond the slide area

Interesting story about the creation of those switchbacks.  From Mountain Biking Moab, by Lee Bridgers:

Seems like a good idea to always keep a sharp knife on you when traveling in the Utah canyon country…

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  1. Anyone know of any estimate’s when the White Rim Road, especially Horse Thief will be repaired ?

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