Hard to believe, but my boy turned 16!  Wow, time is flying.

It just so happened that he had a scouting campout on his birthday.  We got him a new sleeping bag and he has been loving the hikes and the chance to do some backpacking.  Due to some work constraints, I wasn’t able to join in the overnight stay – but since they were in the hills close to home I was able to get up early and run up to meet them for the hike out.

I left before 06:00 with a pack full of food, clothing, and about 140 ounces of water.  It was so HEAVY!  I ran a little over 17 miles before meeting the group as they were just getting underway.  I spun a 180 and joined in the hike which took us over 15 miles and several thousand feet of climbing.  The boys did great, I couldn’t believe what good hikers they all were – carrying full loads all day.  Things are looking good for the 50 miler this summer.

It was a great day, and I had a blast spending some time on the trail with my ‘little’ boy.  Happy Birthday, Malcolm!

If I tried this now, I think his feet would still be touching the ground!

My secret trail stash.

Beautiful morning on a great trail.

I could run this stuff all day... Oh wait, I did!

Snow @ 8,000 feet.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the trail.

Starting the hike.

Looking down on Roxborough State Park

Mr. 16 and the old man.

Snack time!

The 'shack'

Somebody's smoked pot

I cleared several fallen trees off the trail, too.

Packs with legs - a.k.a. Tyler and Byron.

Are we there yet??

Racing the requisite afternoon hail storm

The reward for making it through the storm

After the group reached the cars, I ran the remaining 5+ miles home for 38 on the day.

Happy camper.

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