Best Ever?

I’m hard pressed to think of a better run than today’s. It may go in the books as my all-time best. I did the Gray’s and Torrey’s combo again. Such a great training route (although it can get crowded on a weekend). From the first half mile, I knew I was on a good day. 2 weeks ago I ran it in 4:22, today I was really hoping to crack 4 hours. I thought I just might squeak under. Not! I rolled to a 3:42 – nice! My running was good, my hiking was a thousand percent better than normal. I actually hiked more this time. Plus I had plenty left in the tank for the descent, and I never dug deep at all. When I was finished, I reloaded and hiked the 3 miles back up to the trailhead then ran down easy. 21 miles, 6,600′. Good day in the mountains.

Speaking of best ever – how ’bout Kyle’s run at Hardrock! Wow!! 23:23:30. I have a feeling that one will stand for a LONG time, unless he comes back and knocks some more time off. Finishing before dawn!

Congrats to my Speedgoat teammates down in Silverton. They’re all looking great (I’ve been following the webcast here). Scott is already home and dry – excellent run, Scott! Mark, Larry, and Steve will be rolling in very soon. The goat’s are running strong!! Olga is there as well volunteering and pacing, and looks to be having a great time at it.

Check out one of Steve’s famous photos from a previous year. What an awesome place!

Climbing Grant-Swamp Pass

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  1. Nice! I told you you’d snap out of that dumb slump you were in. Let’s get together for a run this week.
    Talk soon,

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