Happy Father’s Day

Freightliner circa 1979

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. Nothing beats being a dad. I am reminded of that every day when I come home from work to my wonderful family. The cares of the world get left behind for a few precious moments while a reunion takes place and we get to catch up with each other’s day.

My own dad spent many years as a long-haul truck driver. Swapping driving shifts with a partner and keeping the wheels turning for days at a time. Talk about endurance! I am amazed at the experiences he lived through such as getting flipped over in a Wyoming blizzard, and losing the brakes on a steep descent in Southern Utah. Whatever work ethic, mechanical ability, determination and toughness I may have – I owe to him. Words were many times wasted on deaf teenage ears, but what I saw with my eyes has stayed with me. Thank you for your great example, Dad. It hasn’t been forgotten.

And to my kiddos… Thanks for making life great. Your dad loves you very much. I’m so proud of each of you and of how well you (mostly!) get along. You are always so willing to help out with everything, it has made some of the challenging times we’ve had to go through a little bit easier. Our family is stronger as a result, and what you’ve learned will serve you well throughout your lives. Keep being who you are!

Malcolm, Natalie, Jessica, and Lindsey

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  1. Love the picture of the Truck. I echo your thoughts. As for the picture of your kids, who wouldn’t smile at that clan!

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