My New Running Buddy

Today I took Jessica with me on my training run up Waterton Canyon.  It was my first time running with the new stroller we bought, it worked great!   We had a hard time finding one, most jogging-type strollers are built for kids half her size.  Since she is almost 5, we were definitely coming to it late in the game.  I bought a $uper nice one from REI and brought it home thinking I was ok because she was well within the weight limit spec.  When I assembled it and we tried it out, the fit wasn’t even close.  Back it went.

We finally happened to find one at Sports Authority that was large enough to do the job.  It may only last us a year or so, but the price wasn’t too bad and I’m sure we’ll get some great use out of it.  We already put it to the test at the zoo last week, today it was 8 miles of dirt road.

Jessica and baby Kelsea

The morning was on the cool side, but within half a mile I was shedding layers like crazy.  I put out some heat pushing that load!  There were tons of runners coming and going, I couldn’t believe all of the friendly greetings.  Everyone would have a huge smile on their face as they waved at Jessica.  It was a little funny when we would pass someone huffing and puffing their way up the road while we were carrying on a conversation about butterflies, or worms, or clouds, or whatever her 4 year old mind could come up with.

The highlight for Jessica was stopping at our turnaround to have our ‘Clif Bar Picnic’.  I gave her and Elizabeth a Christmas present consisting of all different flavors of Clif Bars so they could try them out on their walks together.  Jessica loves choosing a new one for each outing.

Today it was Cool Mint Chocolate!

We should have traded glasses!

Going down the canyon was fun.  Most of the time was spent racing a bunch of worms underground that we could only see with a special machine…  They were fast!  We stopped about half way down and looked at some HUGE bighorn sheep.  Lucky for us, they’re pretty docile.

Sheep ya later!

It turned out to be a great run and will definitely be something we do more of in the future.

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  1. You both look like you are in great condition and nice you can do it. Jessica looks happy and sounds like she really enjoys being on a run with Dad

  2. Man I gotta get me one of those machines! I know they are there but can never see them. Send me one!

  3. I think you would look great in purple heart shaped glasses! Start a new trend in running attire!

  4. Chris and Jessica, I really liked your pictures. Looked like you were having a great time. We hope to see you soon if the weather holds good. Call you later .

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