Monthly Archives: September 2007

35 more in the bag

I got up at 5:15 today and was running by shortly after 6:00. It was my last long run before I start my taper down to the 100 mile race at the end of this month. I did 35 miles in 6:45, including a 10 mile stretch through Red Rocks on trails with a lot of climbing.

35 – to red rocks

One rattlesnake sighting, one faceplant. Luckily the two were separate incidents! The rattler was the smallest one I’ve seen yet, only about a foot long. It hustled to get out of my way.

As for the faceplant, I was coming up on the corner that I recognized as the spot where I took my first trail-running fall a couple of months ago. Hehe, not today. I said in my mind as I rounded the corner. WHAM! Did it again. Must be a slow learner. I think I’ll walk that corner next time…

Kick the tires and light the fires

I set out to do a 12 miler last night after work, and did something I don’t do very often. I listened to my body and cut it short at 8 miles. My hamstrings were abnormally tight and twitchy, and I was just working way too hard to maintain even a slowish pace. That decision paid off today. I had an 8 mile run on the schedule at lunch, and with a thunderstorm approaching, left the waterbottle and ipod behind.

I started fast and stayed that way for the whole run. Clocking 1:02 for 8 hilly miles. Nothing earth-shattering, but it was one of my fastest training runs of the year – and coming only 5 days after doing a 40 miler (with a 32 the week before that) made it pretty sweet.

My heart rate averaged 171 beats per minute. That’s holding 93% of my maximum heart rate for over an hour. Ouch! I was workin’…

It’s very nice to cut loose once in a while and RUN.

Further into the night I run…

It’s the weekend.  Time for another long run.  This time I stretched the 32 mile loop I ran last week to make a 40 miler.  I took off around 6:00pm, and got home at 3:00 in the morning.  The last 10 miles were some of the toughest miles I’ve covered yet.  Mostly flat, but I couldn’t even walk for more than 2-3 minutes without stopping at the very end.  I was SO tired!

I was about a mile from home when I saw the first patch of grass I’d seen in hours, and promptly flopped onto my back.  Under a streetlight in a subdivision.  What a sight.  I walked another half a mile and had to sit down and rest for a few more minutes.  I just could not move forward anymore.  My legs weren’t feeling that bad, my body was just totally depleted.  Thankfully, I made it and didn’t become coyote bait – sirens in the distance started a pack howling about 100 yards away from me that I didn’t know was there.  Training is hard work.