Daily Archives: September 8, 2007

35 more in the bag

I got up at 5:15 today and was running by shortly after 6:00. It was my last long run before I start my taper down to the 100 mile race at the end of this month. I did 35 miles in 6:45, including a 10 mile stretch through Red Rocks on trails with a lot of climbing.

35 – to red rocks

One rattlesnake sighting, one faceplant. Luckily the two were separate incidents! The rattler was the smallest one I’ve seen yet, only about a foot long. It hustled to get out of my way.

As for the faceplant, I was coming up on the corner that I recognized as the spot where I took my first trail-running fall a couple of months ago. Hehe, not today. I said in my mind as I rounded the corner. WHAM! Did it again. Must be a slow learner. I think I’ll walk that corner next time…