Fun Weekend

The kids were all out of school on Friday, so I took the day off from work and we went to the Zoo. It was a really nice day, not nearly as hot as it usually is when we go. We were all dragging by the afternoon and were definitely ready to get back home. It’s hard work having fun!!

On Saturday we put a decent effort into weeding and yard work before lunch. Then I took the kids over to the canyon for a little ride. It’s so nice to have such a great place to ride close by. People drive from all over the Denver area to ride in our neck of the woods.

This was the maiden voyage of Natalie’s new birthday bike. It’s on the big side, but she’s growing like crazy! I didn’t dare go with anything smaller (this was basically the smallest ‘adult’ size). She rode so great today! I was very happy, and so was she. It was great weather and we all had a super time. As I was riding along with her, she said “I’m sure glad I have an athletic dad like you, or else I would be home right now instead of riding bikes.” Made me laugh.

More pictures here.

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