Well, Lance is partying in Paris for the 7th time in 7 years. Wow. I remember watching Indurain win 5 Tours in a row during the early 90’s and thinking how that would be a once in a lifetime occurrence. Guess not.

We’ve really enjoyed watching the race together this year. Liz and I had to leave the 3 older kids at home to get themselves off to school one day. When we called to check on them and asked what they were doing, they said watching the Tour de France! Not Teletubbies, Arthur, or any other cartoons. 3 little kids home alone watching bike racing – too funny! Lindsey’s favorite rider was Michael Rasmussen, who wore the polka dot jersey for being king of the mountains. His nickname is ‘chicken’ because he’s so scrawny – she got a real kick out of that.

Pretty cool to see how well all of the other Americans did, too.

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