Happy 4th!

Good day today. I got up at 5:30 to meet some guys for a mountain bike ride. It was only my second time on the MTB this year. It was a great ride, lots of sweet singletrack – all right in our back yard. We had a great time jumping, crashing, getting lost, running out of water, and calling wives at 11:30 to explain why the estimated return time of 9:00 hadn’t quite worked out…

We went on a massive school shopping trip to get the kids ready for the start of the new year (tomorrow!). This year-round stuff takes some getting used to. Malcolm will be in 6th grade, Lindsey in 3rd, and Natalie in 2nd. I can’t believe how fast they’re growing up!

We had a great dinner of hot dogs and fresh corn on the cob. Jessica LOVED it! After dinner, it was time for our little fireworks display. Everyone had a great time throwing snaps and popping streamers.

I just polished off 3 helpings of stawberry shortcake to finish off the night…

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