The Goon

Lagoon is a Six Flags-type theme park north of Salt Lake City. My parents had a truckload of discount passes, so we were able to get the whole family together for a day of fun. This place has been around for quite a while, we used to call it “The Goon” when we were young. It was pretty cool for me to be taking my kids there now. Carried along by the enthusiasm of their cousins, the girls hit the roller coaster for their first ride of the day – they’ve never been on anything that goes even close to that speed. Lindsey loved it, Natalie was scared to pieces!! I sat in the row ahead of her and was able to look back and see her eyes get as big as dinner plates when we approached the top of the first hill and she realized there was nowhere to go but D-O-W-N. Sheer terror gripped her and she began screaming like the Grim Reaper himself was sitting on her lap holding a basket of spiders and rattlesnakes. Out of control…

She later (very reluctantly) rode on a new attraction called “The Bat”. It’s a coaster that you sit in with your legs dangling in the air. No loops or corkscrews, but still pretty scary considering the previous experience. Well, it became her most-favorite ride, after her mom suggested pretending like she was a flying unicorn, swooping through the trees. That was all it took… She was heard passing that advice along, with an air of authority, to other cousins who were nervously waiting their turn in line. Hey, whatever works!

Jessica had an awesome time riding the train, whales, boats, and airplanes in the kiddie section. She even got to go on a little roller coaster with mom. LOVED IT! She would cry when I’d take her off a ride, and I’d have to come up with another one pretty quick!

We stayed until closing time and everyone was able to get in plenty of riding. Malcolm went on the Colossus (coaster with loops) and loved it. 8 of us did the Rattlesnake Rapids rafting ride together. You expect to get a little wet, and know there will be maybe one or two of you that get it pretty good. On this trip, we ALL got totally DRENCHED!!

A good time was had by everyone.

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