RACE REPORT #15 Tour of Utah – Stage 4 CAT 4

This is what the drive to the final stage time trial looked like. RAIN, hail, tons of wind, and lightning. Pretty bad stuff.

After several delays, false starts, warm-ups, and cool-downs, they finally called the race. The final classification wouldn’t change. So much for keeping a little in reserve for today! Lesson learned, race your hardest and don’t leave anything out on the course.

Overall, I’m really happy with my weekend. I got a 9th, 11th, and finished 13th overall and managed to do so without digging too deeply. It was a lot of fun catching up with Uhl and Heather, my old friends from my previous racing life, and making a few new friends as well.

Goodbye Tour of Utah! Hope to see you next year!

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