RACE REPORT #11 Cherry Creek TT series – week 6 CAT 4

There is one more week to go, but this was my last race of the series as I will be on the road to Utah next week. It was good to go out with my best time yet – 25:25, which put me 23rd out of 46. Mr. 50% again… I had ridden pretty hard up High Grade last night, sacrificing a little bit of leg freshness tonight for extra training in advance of my big race next week. I felt pretty decent, finally getting my heart rate up over 180 like it should be. I tried a new strategy – my teammate Marco said that an average speed of 24.7mph was needed to get below 25 minutes. I set my computer to display the average speed and focused on keeping it as high as I could. With a couple miles to go, it dropped to 24.6 – I cranked as hard as I could and went faster, and faster as the line closed in. By the time I crossed it, my average was up to 25mph. I was pumped! Then I looked at my time – dang! Didn’t break 25:00, but got my best yet. Need to check Marco’s math, though…

I ended up 29th out of 62 in the series.

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