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What a cool race! One of my favorite riders (Jens Voight) got 2nd. He is a crazy-tough hard riding dude. I really admire how he puts it all on the line and busts his butt to get results. Today he instigated the winning break 50k out and did the lion’s share of the work to keep it away – never by much more than a minute with all the heavy hitters trying to bring them back.

Now this is European road racing…

Flying up High Grade

I’ve been working on this day for a year now. There is a hugely popular climb that starts about 7 miles from my house (perfect warm-up distance). It goes up Deer Creek canyon and then heads up High Grade road. It’s about 12 miles long and my goal since I started riding again last year has been to make it to the top in under an hour. As you can see, I made a few attempts last year…

6/12 – 1:20:00 9.6mph
6/19 – 1:17:02 9.3mph
6/26 – 1:09:14 10.4mph
7/11 – 1:12:42 9.9mph
7/17 – 1:09:42 10.3mph
7/24 – 1:10:53 10.1mph
8/14 – 1:04:34 11.1mph
9/04 – 1:04:03 11.2mph
9/11 – 1:15:11 9.6mph
9/11 – 1:05:53 10.9mph
9/18 – 1:03:30 11.3mph

Last Sept. was my fastest time out of the bunch. I was very dedicated with my training and diet all winter and felt a little anxious about the ride today – more than six long, cold months had passed since my last try. Did all that work do any good?? There would be nothing worse than going through all of that and not seeing the improvement. Well, my fears were unfounded:

4/23 – 55:08 12.9mph

I beat the tar out of that climb!

RACE REPORT #5 Cherry Creek TT series – week 2 CAT 4

Weather conditions were quite a bit worse today than the first week. Cold, some rain, and of course wind. I decided to ride Belgian-style without any cold weather gear on. I actually felt decent and ended up passing a few people. I expected to hit the line and see a bit of improvement on my time by how much better I felt, but actually lost 15 seconds or so. Chalk it up to the weather I guess. My placing was dead center in the field, just like the week before.

What a bunch of FREAKS.