I hope the old saying about having a certain number of heartbeats allocated to you before you die doesn’t have any truth to it – or else I just knocked about a year off my life today. Middle of January, 4+ hour ride, nearly 37,000 heartbeats.

It was a great ride with about a dozen guys from the team. We rode to Golden and then up towards Boulder. Lots of hills. Cold temps (mid 30’s), but clear and dry. Some strong winds at times.

I felt really good, and pushed myself every chance I got. I pushed a little too hard when I stood up to sprint going 40mph downhill in a crosswind and induced some MAJOR speed wobble. Whoa!! That probably accounted for 5,000 heartbeats right there… I got it under control, but it was touch and go there for a few seconds. Lesson learned, hold ‘er steady in the crosswind.

Here’s a few stats from the ride:

Duration 4:14:30

Energy Expenditure 1855 kcal
Number of Heart Beats 36938 beats
Average Heart Rate 145 bpm
Maximum Heart Rate 178 bpm

Average Speed 16.9 mph
Maximum Speed 43.2 mph
Distance 71.5 miles

Average Cadence 84 rpm
Maximum Cadence 112 rpm
Ascent 3565 ft

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