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Race Report: North Fork 50 Mile

I had a great idea for this race. Instead of just suffering and finishing the race, I thought – hey, why don’t I just suffer a little faster? There were 2 races starting together (50 mile/50K) and I ran the opening 1,200′ climb hanging just outside of the top ten overall. Way too fast for me in a 50 miler, but I was game. It was definitely one of my better opening climbs in an ultra.

I was working, but running well. I eased off a little on the next climb and a little more on the next. Then it got really HOT. I couldn’t keep up with my fluid losses and started suffering a little more than I had in mind. Despite sucking down tons of water and staying on top of my salt intake, it felt like there was a cramp convention in town and every muscle in my body had a ticket. Thankfully, my legs weren’t too bad, but my abdomen, chest wall, and even neck muscles were giving me tons of grief. That slowed me down quite a bit.

I had a tough day, but managed to come in 7th place in 9:45 and took 2nd in my age group. I don’t know how many finishers there were, lots of carnage out on the course. I was in rough shape at the finish, barely managing to avoid the post-race puke fest. My calves were jumping and twitching around like there was some sort of alien cage match going on inside them. It took me about 90 minutes to recover enough to gather myself and get to my car.

I was down 9 pounds when I weighed in at home after drinking another 60oz on the drive. Ouch.

They mentioned at the start that there were over 40 people in the events racing their first ultra. They picked a tough one!

2011 Training Log–Week 27

Steady week.  A little light on the mileage, but I’m trying to be better about listening to my body and backing off when I should.  Especially coming off of the recent 100 miler.  I’ve ended up running harder on Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Didn’t really mean for it to work out that way, but it did.  Will be taking it easy this week leading up to the North Fork 50 mile race on Saturday.

Run – 13.1 / 2:05 / 133avg
Very hot, hilly late afternoon run before going to see the fireworks. This one was tough, but I felt better than I thought I would.

Run – 7 / 1:08 / 122avg
Nice easy run with 121 avg HR. So many times my easy days are a bit tough because I’m wiped out from previous efforts. Not so today. Felt good and relaxed. Enjoyed that sensation.

Run – 10.2 / 1:19 / 157avg
Felt good. First five were cake, then felt it a bit, then the last 2 were work. 16 min faster than the same run last week!  Very hilly and hot.

Run – 7.5 / 1:10 / 128avg
Very easy cruise just letting yesterday’s effort soak in. Follwed up with 2 miles barefoot on the grass.

13 / 1:56 / 154avg
Another hot and hilly run. Stomach was off and the legs were heavy. Cut this one a bit short, felt like I crossed a line somewhere and didn’t want to go too deep.

Wasn’t really planning on taking the day off, but just didn’t feel that great.  Could have forced a run, but decided not to for once.

6.4 / :59 / 124avg


Run – 57.2, 8:43

Pic of the week:

Actually a video clip this week.  I was running along a gravel path when I heard footsteps crunching behind me.  I turned around and it was a deer!  What a trip.  The thing followed me for almost a half-mile.  Freaked me out for a minute, but it just so happened it wanted to get where I was going as well.

Big Horn 100 Video – Director’s Cut

Since I took the time to take a bunch of photos and video footage during the race, I thought I would string it all together and put it up in case anyone was interested.  It’s long, but I think could have some value for those who are about to run their first 100 miler and want to see what it’s like from a first-hand perspective, or for someone that is thinking about running Big Horn and wants to see the entire course.  The pictures and clips are in chronological order, so it gives you a good feel for the toll doing this kind of thing takes on a person.  My voice is strong and vibrant early on, then deteriorates quite a bit later in the race.

Maybe I should give a buckle to anyone that watches the whole thing…

The shorter version can be found here.